Helters Melter is more than a business consultancy firm; we’re a family. While our members happened to be experts in a particular field or so, we encourage everyone to join us. If you need any assistance, here are some of the things we’re good at:


Accounting and Auditing

All business require honest accounting and auditing, regardless of your company size. Our CPAs are willing to take the burden out of your hands and help your firm realize its financial potential.

Advertising and Marketing

If you believe you have what it takes to make it big yet still do not make enough sales, talk to our experts. We’ll help you turn your marketing strategies to money and returning customers.

Business Writing and Communications

If writing a business letter or memo takes much of your time, we can help you learn the skills. If relaying directions to your staff needs some improvement, we’re here to help.

Human Resources

We have all the strategies from hiring to firing and everything in between. We’ll help you get the best talent and keep them.


Your company needs to be insured against liabilities. If you’re not sure how to do this right the first time, consult with us.

Payroll and Benefits Management

While your company is growing, your business also needs to take care of your employees. Everyone loves getting their accurate paychecks on time, if not in advance.

While this already looks like a long list, we still have a lot to offer. Again, don’t ever hesitate to come to us for advice.