No matter what event you are hosting this tablescape project of yours to arrange, this certain duty corresponds with a very important role during that day. This is something that will set the mood of everybody to celebrate and dine. This is more than just the combination of the flowers and of the candles that you usually see, because today, you will learn more tips to develop your skills in doing event tablescapes.

Romantic Red

What other color symbolizes passion? No other than red and this is the most accurate color you are to give your tablescape if you are holding an event celebrating love, birth and success. Next thing you will do is to drape with it a white peace f tablecloth all over the table that is serving as its backdrop for the decorations that you are to put on top of it. Now, put some red stain with the seats. Then top the place mats with the set of the charger plates that are being topped with dishes in color white.

Now, you put some silver napkin rings with the red napkins and have them laid on those white dishes. Have a red vase or a round bowl which is clear and have them filled with red beads with some red roses in it and have them in the center of the table. Have those tea lights with the red colored tea light holder s and have them in a circular formation surrounding the base of the vase.In addition vending machines are the trend of the season on special events.


Barbecue Bash in Your Backyard

Just another creative idea for doing your tablescape and this will work best when you invite friends for a weekend barbecue party. Have them feel welcomed with your best presentation of tablescape to spice up their appetite of that grilled and smoky delicious barbecue. The first thing you do is to cover the table with a checkered red and white cloth then have a plastic plate with each set. Then make a folding out of either red or white napkins with half of its size and top them on the plates. Now, get a large vase and fill it with bouquets of some wildflowers and also have it also in the center. Have some white daisies and clips its blooms and have them on the bud vase.

Cool Country

This type of tablescape will do best when it comes to luncheons of ladies or with just a summer season dinner dash. Have the burlap covering the table so that you could give that industrial look. Plates that are colored in blue, white or brown will give you that country vibes. As napkins, you could actually substitute them with bandanas with colors that will complement the general motif. Have a blue vase and fill it with sunflowers of with any flower that will give you that yellow sunny shade. For place cards, a lemon would do for you to write your guests’ names in there for fresh and zesty look.

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