A survey is a cost-effective tool in reaching out to your market. When things get a little emotional and data become harder to quantify, a market study will give you a glimpse of what your target market wants. Hence, we recommend that any business person should conduct surveys more often.

While entrepreneurs would like to know each of their consumers’ preferences, asking each customer face-to-face can be time-consuming. Thanks to technology, we are now given tools to create surveys online. Thus, we can reach out to more prospects, patrons or not, to voice out what they want and don’t.

Here are some things to remember in doing surveys.



Market studies enable us to gather data where none exists. For example, a small business who have limited start-up capital can ask people which color goes best with a T-shirt design. So while testing the waters, the business owner can primarily focus on selling shirts using the most preferred color and launch the next top choices as the funds allow.

While printing shirts in any color will do, asking people which ones are more likely to sell will help your business goals and limitations.

Put Emphasis on What’s Critical to Quality

Know what you to know, aka your objectives in doing a market research. Then, carefully think through what questions you will ask, who to ask, and how to ask. Sandwich a set of difficult questions in between easy ones. Keep your survey simple and short. Better yet, write in a way how you’d like to answer others’ survey. Respect people’s time and include “NA” as an option. There are just some things that wouldn’t apply to everyone.

Thank Your Participants

After people answers your research, thank them. Offer what you can and use this opportunity as an additional marketing strategy. If you can afford to give out a token of appreciation, the better. If you’re on a tight budget, though, you can just share the survey results as if in a poll.


Surveys are excellent means of interacting with your target audience to see if you’re on the right track. If your business needs more inputs, you can always resort to market research.

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